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Gatux Solutions is a Canadian-based service company incorporated in 2006.

We recognize that each individual in the team is an asset and this is our strength. Our people are constantly keeping up with new technologies through training so our team can comfortably work in any environment.

Based in Boucherville, Quebec, the company has been executing international contracts for IT architecture and security. Our customers include large banking corporations, government agencies and healthcare providers.

Here's what they say:

Gatux is a premier Professional Services. Their performance and reliability exceeds expectations, and their customer management skills are top notch. Gatux has a keen understanding of their products, and has a high success rate in delivering Professional Services projects on time and within budget, while insuring customer satisfaction is met or exceeded. I highly recommend Gatux for any Services-based engagements where customer satisfaction is both a priority and a requirement.

Mike Birdsong 

Director Professional Services Passloigx

What is good to know

Our clients never stop doing business with us.

It means something
Most our clients have been using our services for years. We have been reliable and on point with our solutions. We believe firmly in quality and reliability.

Here's what they say:

I first met Jean-Pierre by telephone and was immediately pleased to have him on our team. He was impressively expert in his command of the technology; but most importantly, he was an involved and invaluable contributor to the process. He helped us to go beyond the initial idea of issues and to define the real goal and its scope. I continue to work with J-P, for I find him one of the most capable, reliable and insightful people I know. Jean-Pierre can always be counted on to deliver complete solutions--the short-term as well as the long-term strategic goals that others would miss. With Jean-Pierre, I am always confident in the successful delivery of investment-value projects.

Lawrence Saltzman
Director Operations and Client Delivery Services - Canada, Carefx